Sunday, October 12, 2008

ThIs OnE iS fOr YoU mOm!

This is how I wanted my hair done color and all, but with a little more of an a-line.

These were other cuts that I liked. I like the color on this one, but not so chunky.

I really wasn't ready to go this short, but I like the cut but wanted it a little longer.

I have had this drama about what to do with my hair since like the beginning of time. I am never happy with it. I just haven't found my look. Yet, at the same time, I don't want to have to committ to a look, I like to change it up a bit now and then. But I always seem to get more of the same thing. Armed with these pictures I went to my stylist and told her that I liked all three but I really wanted the first one. That way I could gradually make my way shorter. After 4 hours, this is what I got:

My part is as straight as...Richard Simmons!

You can't really see the back of my hair but you get a great view of my overflowing garbage can!

Those are some puffy lips! Check out those bags...someone must not be getting enough sleep!

My left eye is playing peek-a-boo!

Still got that joker smile...(and acne)....
You wanna piece of this?


The Muries said...

I think your hair looks great!!! You look really good. It also looks like you have been loosing weight. How is that happening? I came home from living in GA tons heavier then when I left. Dang good tasting fried food.

Josie said...

Yes. I "want a piece of this"

and a piece of toast.

You're hot.

House of Joy said...

We love it!!!!!


you look hot momma!!! you sexy beast!!!
love suzzzzzzzzzy

House of Joy said...

Funny, funny funny!! Loved the Richard comment...
Four hours!!! Wow!

You look marvelous darling....

You are a cutie!

strbrte said...

I like not to short the highlights re more natural looking than the pic. I think it looks good only time will tell if you like it!