Friday, December 12, 2008

Tales from the Laundromat

So I was sitting in the laundromat, yet again on another Friday night. Fortunately for me the last couple Fridays have not been too bad, no more run-ins with creepy laundromat men who talk about their dirty underwear. However, I was "enlightened" by a conversation I overheard. There is a pretty hefty murder trial going on in Atlanta. The jury convicted, but they can't come to a unanimous decision on the sentence. So a couple of people were doing a little "deliberating" themselves trying to decide how many "years" were in a life sentence. I just about fell out of my chair laughing, but I kept it in. The most persuasive argument was that it had to be more than 25 years because it is "25 years to life". It was the highlight of my day!


Jeff said...

Why are you hanging out with creepy people in a laundromat on Friday nights? Shouldn't your boyfriend be taking you on dates? At any rate, this is a great story. You are great. Keep the posts coming.

The Muries said...

I think about 40. :)

Josie said...


I feel enlightened, too.