Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Our Story


Sunday night I went to dinner at Darrell’s parents’ house. I was not expecting any kind of proposal. We had pizza and after dinner his mom brought out Cracker Jacks for dessert. Darrell was always joking about we don’t need to get you a ring; we’ll just get something out of a Cracker Jack box. So when she handed me the box, I made the joke of “maybe there’s a ring in here.” I wasn’t thinking engagement ring, but just cheapo plastic ring. So I look in the box and it looks like a ring, but at this point I’m still thinking cheapo plastic ring. But I was rather amused by the fact that I was joking about finding a ring in the box and there just might be one. So I go to pull a ring out and it is THE ring. I was super excited. It was BEAUTIFUL! Then I started laughing at my “joke.” Poor Darrell thought I had guessed the surprise and so he was a little upset, but then I explained how I had no clue until I pulled out the ring that he was proposing. It was very memorable. I kept the box. I absolutely love the manner he chose to give me the ring. Every time I see a Cracker Jack box or hear it mentioned, I will forever think of that day.


The ring is gorgeous, the pictures really do not do it justice. But not only is it a beautiful ring, it is a very special ring. It is special because the diamonds in it belong to Darrell’s mom. That is my favorite part. It meant so much to me that she would give me her diamonds. I will treasure it always. The ring is one marquee cut stone and two smaller pear shaped ones. Because I can’t stop looking at it (Darrell tells me I’m going to wear it out) I’ve been thinking a lot about it. I like the three stones; they can symbolize so many things. The center stone can symbolize Darrell and me as the union of two families with one of the smaller stones representing his family and the other representing my own. The center stone can also represent God as the center of our relationship with Darrell and me being represented by one of the smaller stones. It also can symbolize the union of Darrell and me as we become one. It can also represent the past, present, and future. But enough of that I just feel so blessed.


I cannot say enough good things about Darrell. We met February 15, 2008. I met Darrell through our mutual friend Dave Wheeler who is now married to my good friend Darah Saxon Wheeler. I was immediately attracted to not only this incredibly tall handsome man, with dark hair and honey brown eyes, but his quick wit and kind heart. I was hooked. Darrell took a little more convincing and we started dating just before I started law school. Shortly after I was introduced to his family and immediately fell in love with everyone. They from the very start have taken me in as one of their own.

Our almost three year journey has been full of every emotion imaginable. We’ve faced and conquered serious trials and come out stronger, united, and deeper in love.

But through it all Darrell has been there for me when I needed him most. He has seen me through some of my darkest moments. Darrell has seen me at my worst and still loves me. He also pushes and inspires me to be my best. He’s supportive of me in my many endeavors and tolerant of my sometimes quirky traits. He has definitely divided my sorrow and more than doubled my joy.

I look forward to our new life together with anxious excitement.


The Muries said...

That is awesome how you were so excited that there might just be a ring in the box wanting one like you get out of the quarter machine. Hey someday you may still get that. :) Congrats on your new family that will soon be official. You look so happy I love it. You get a whoop whoop from me.

Jeff said...

Congratulations! That's so exciting! I am excited to hear about wedding plans and the exciting future you are starting together.

Cassie Snow said...

Congrats girlie! I am so happy for you guys. Darrell is lucky to have you in his life :o). You are amazing!

Erica said...

Melissa! I am so excited for you! I am so happy you are happy. You only deserve the very best, and this Darrell fellow seems like a great guy. :) Keep me posted!

Nat said...

I hope you know that we who have had the privilege of knowing/rooming with you have always admired how amazing you are. You are driven and successful, strong in the church, and absolutely hilarious. I hope Darrell always reminds you of how beautiful you are, inside and out. He and his family sound wonderful, and I'm glad that you have found someone worthy of partaking and sharing in your awesomeness. Best wishes, and never change!
Love, Nat

Lose it or Lose it said...

So happy for you. But Darrell (and maybe your mother) need to know, that no one will ever love you as much as I do.