Monday, July 21, 2008

Oh so Not so Funny stories

So these are somethings that I found rather entertaining - you don't have to laugh.

1. There is this guy that works in my building that I find attractive. It's one of those things where he is just nice to look at. I'd never approach him, he'd never approach me. We'll just say he's my eye candy. On Friday as I was leaving he was walking out the door and then it happened...I saw his wedding ring. So needless to say no more eye candy. (I know its not really funny, but I laughed to myself. I guess if you've been there you could chuckle. ANYWAY!)

2. I went to the singles dance on Friday, probablly the last one I'll go to...ever. There is a new kid in our ward and as he doesn't know a lot of people I chit-chatted with him so he wouldn't feel left out. So he made the comment about how he really likes our ward and that everyone seems to have fun. Which made me wonder, what was his single ward like back home? So I asked. His response, "They were kinda boring and really didn't do a whole lot and besides they were like 28 (implying that was old)." My response, "I'm older than 28 so what does that make me?" His response, "(I wish I had a hole to crawl into) Really?" I have to give the kid credit though, other than some of the chaperones (notice I did not say all) I was the oldest young single adult there. How else was he supposed to know I was old? (Sigh.)

3. Yesterday I went to a friend's house for dinner. After being gone all day I really had to go the bathroom, but I have a phobia of using other people's bathrooms unless it is an utter and dire emergency (no, that is not the funny part). I had to go to the bathroom but I knew I could wait to get home. By time I got home it was an utter and dire emergency. So I flew up the steps and ran towards the bathroom. I went to flip on my bedroom light, but it wasn't working (which is the case 99.9% of the time). So I began to feel my way to the bathroom. I finally made it and felt my way to flip on the light in the bathroom. I flipped the light on and that's when I realized my eyes were closed! For some odd, strange, and unknown reason I had shut my eyes! Instead of using what little light there was I decided to make it more challenging. I laughed out loud at myself.

I am well aware that I am probablly the only person who laughed or found these stories amusing and I am okay with that!


The Muries said...

Yeah a new post!!! I love your stories. They all made me laugh. I think it is funny how things happen. I need to call you sometime.

House of Joy said...

I laughed out loud!!!!!

Oh my gosh...too funny about the eye candy and closing your eyes in the bath room!

The closing eye thing proves you are my daughter.

Love you lots...

strbrte said...

I love you! Maybe you could go major in laws that help handicap and special people!

Jeff said...

You're so old. That poor precious young child must have beens so frightened. :)

Josie said...

hahaha I love the closed eyes. I can see you laughing at yourself and it makes me miss you!

At least people round your age down, that's good, right?

Everyone here seems to think I'm on average like 8 years older than I am.

Le sigh. It must be my VAAAAAST maturity

*cracks up*