Sunday, August 31, 2008

It's ABOUT time!

I've been having a really hard time deciding what to write about. I get a bunch of ideas, but then never really follow through with them, which isn't always a bad thing...especially when I'm standing on my soapbox, all by myself.

But that aside, I have a few blogs that I read, mostly my family and friends that I consider part of my family and I miss each of you dearly. So I'm going to dedicate this post to ya'll! (Post rhymes with toast which always makes me think of you! And you know who you are!)

It's amazing to watch your lives unfold. For example, take my cousin Ben. I have never met his wife or his son. I don't even think I've seen Ben since he's come home off of his mission. The Ben I always remember was for whatever reason trying to step on my toes. But I do digress...I was reading their family blog and thinking I've never even met Robyn or Connor but I know them, or at least know about them.

I watch your children and families grow. I am always amazed to look at ya'lls families and see the struggles you each have to overcome and that just amazes me. I have one bad day and I throw in the towel and consign myself to the couch or the bed, but when you have a family, you don't have that luxury. You have to keep on moving forward whether you want to or not and you do it successfully.

I love how your blogs are full of hope and positivity, (if that's a word). No matter the challenges you all have this "Bring it on, you can't get me down" attitude. My favorite thing about reading your blogs is they are so full of your personalities. Reading your stories and tales I can hear your voices as if you were right there next to me telling them yourself. What an inspiration it is to me!

Some of you are professionals at this whole family thing, some of you still have some kinks to work out, and others are just stepping forward to take the next step in the journey...and then there is me the lone single. Maybe the reason I am still single is so that I can be your personal cheerleader and not be so caught up in my own family that I can take the time to appreciate yours. I rejoice when you rejoice, I cry when you struggle.

I don't say it enough to any of you, but I think each and everyone of you are so amazing. I see the odds against which you struggle to start your family and to add to your posterity. I watch how your personalities play into your parenting, and if some of you are wondering why your kid(s) do what they do, take a look in the mirror! As I read postings about something one of your children has done or see a picture or a video (if I'm really lucky) I can see where these kids get it!

If a few short years ago someone would have told us where we would all be right now at this moment would any of us have believed it? I certainly wouldn't have, at least for me...going to law Georgia?!? Law school was something I talked about, but I never really believed it was something I would do, but I'm doing it. And law school will be over in four short years (right?). But for those of you with families, it doesn't end. So while going to law school and hopefully graduating will be a huge accomplishment, what you guys do everyday forever far exceeds my little law school thing. So hats off to you! Maybe someday I'll join the married folks club, but for now I'm content to be on the outside looking in at each of your amazing and unique families!


House of Joy said...

You are amazing and wonderful. I love reading your thoughts and insights.

You are beautiful and talented. You are spiritual and intelligent...

Love ya forever

House of Joy said...

Love your quotes

Jeff said...

Melissa, you're amazing! Robyn and I will forever be indebted to you. Remember when you and I were sitting in that mexican restaurant there in Atlanta and I was telling you about this awesome girl in my ward that is really cute. You told me I should go for it, and now we're going to be married. Your encouragement was a major part of us getting together.

Thanks for this post. You've always been a great friend to me and to many others.

The Muries said...

You are awesome. Seriously there are lots of ups and downs to both married and single lfe. Kids though on the other hand those silly things I tell you the boys do really are NOT from me. HAHA I love ya Mel!!! I wish we lived close together.

Josie said...

You are seriously amazing. After being your roommate a while, I decided you were the coolest, most upbeat and talented and spiritual...and hilarious and beautiful person (and and and and and and and) I've ever met. And on top of it you're a great friend.

And several years later? Yeah. Totally still feel that way. The best summer I ever had was living with you. I miss you so much!

House of Joy said...

hey i love you!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks for helping me with spanish every week i will call you for help or you can call me. well you better check you blog every sunday because im going to try to type you someing every sunday even if ist the same blog as the week before i love you love your fav. little sister christy