Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I love Darrell

I definitely don't give Darrell all the credit he deserves. He really is such a good man and is so supportive and understanding. As much as we drive each other crazy sometimes, we do have so much fun together.

Darrell loves anything remote controlled. The guy could open up his own hobby shop with all the RC stuff he has. But his true love is RC airplanes. He is super talented. I tried to find some links so you could see him fly, it really is amazing, but I couldn't find any. I love watching him fly. Most of the guys who fly are pretty arrogant, but Darrell can out fly them all and is so humble about it.

The last time I went with him to the air field it was a fun fly to earn money for the club. There were a bunch of different events. The large majority of people there were middle aged men. But there was this one kid, the only kid that was competing against men old enough to be his father and some old enough to be his grandfather. He was probably about ten. He reminded me a lot of my brother Luke when he was that age, he even had the bent up glasses. Darrell remembered this kid from the fun fly the year before and talked to him about what he was flying and how this kid had won one of the contests the year before. Anyway, Darrell had to go to the bathroom and so I found a spot to watch the next event. The boy was running to get his spot so he could compete. He was checking out his airplane before he flew. Something wasn't right. He kinda lifted his head looking around for someone to help him out, but no one was paying him any attention. He finally started dragging his plane away from the runway. The excitement he had displayed about flying was starting to disappear. Then I saw Darrell coming out of the bathroom. I quickly went to him and explained to him what was going on. I didn't suggest or hint he should help him out, I just explained what happened. Without another word he went up to the kid and asked him what was going on. The kid explained to him what had happened and they went to work fixing the airplane. The dejected look began to disappear and the kids eyes began to light up. As we talked we found out the kid had worked odd jobs to earn someone's old plane. Then he worked other jobs to save up money for parts and basically built the plane himself. You could tell the kid didn't come from a family with a lot of money. He reminded me a bit of myself. We were kinda poor growing up. I didn't really care, but it's not always easy when no one pays attention to you. I had one pair of jeans in middle school. I would wash them every night. My parents thought I was crazy, but I didn't ever want anyone to accuse me of wearing the same pants twice in a row. I really felt for this kid. There were so many other people that saw what was going on and not a single person stopped to help, they were too busy with their stuff to take the time to help someone who really needed it. I know had Darrell been there and saw he would have helped without anyone having to ask and as soon as he knew what was going on he started helping. It meant so much to me to see that. So many times I have felt like that kid, feeling a little lost too afraid to ask for help, and you just need someone to give you a hand. You could tell it meant a lot to that kid that someone took time on him.

I'm not doing the story justice, but Darrell just has this way. He sees a need and he takes care of it. He can tell when I've had a bad day or when something is bugging me and I don't have to say one word. He really is a great man.


The Muries said...

How sweet! You seem to have a really good guy!

Jeff said...

Sounds like a great guy. You should totally come out to Utah to visit sometime and bring him so we can meet him. I feel good about this plan.

Heatherlady said...

Melissa, wow what a crazy world it is. I am pretty sure that I was your visiting teacher at some point-- I think it was Centennial. How crazy is it that our paths would cross again! It looks like life is going really well for you-- law school! Wow, what a woman. I'm glad you found my blog-- I hope it helps you on your quest to find women in the scripture. They are there you just have to slow down and notice them. I hope we can keep in touch via blogs. Best wished with everything.