Sunday, February 7, 2010

Quandries and Other Non-Important Things


It seems that whenever I don't have time to watch TV there are like a gajillion things I want to watch. However, when I have time to watch TV it seems like there is nothing on TV. Why?

Likewise, whenever I don't have time to blog I can think of at least five different things I want to write about. By time I sit down to actually blog either I have lost my passion about what it was I wanted to write about or I can't think of a single thing to blog about, hence today's blog.

Why is it that the things that bug us most about others are the same traits, characteristics, or habits that we have? Why can we so readily recognize it in someone else and not in ourselves?

Whatever possesed Dove (the maker of my favorite chocolate) to forgo their normal promises and instead have Valentine's Day ideas from Martha Stewart? I mean come on, really? What is rosewater anyway and why would I want to add it to my Valentine's Day dessert? I mean really, since when is a "floral" flavor in anything a good thing?

Why is Georgia sold out of electric blankets? I mean it has been really cold, but some stores have been sold out since Christmas. Who's buying them all and why aren't stores stocking up on them?

Other Non-Important Things

**Warning this story may only be funny if you were there**

Recently Darrell and I were at Barnes and Noble. We overheard the following conversation between an employee of Barnes and Noble and a customer:

Employee: Can I help you?

Customer: I'm looking for a book.

Darrell and I must have been in a really silly mood because we both burst out laughing simultaneously. Really, your looking for a book in a bookstore, well you've definitly come to the right place!

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The Muries said...

Reading this makes me miss hanging out with you. I know why I notice those things about others is because they bug me about myself. But you know the one I have been noticing is why when I am trying to loose weight does only junk sound good. Apple pie good apple out of the fruit bowl not so much. lol I need to call you soon. One other thing is #4 is over half way baked!!! (And no I don't know what it is.)