Sunday, January 10, 2010

Dear Admin

I received a comment from you about my last blog entry and I thought long and hard about what to say in reply. Obviously you don't know me or the comment would not have been necessary. Just in case you forgot what you wrote, I have included it here:

admin said...
I guess you either didn't notice or just glossed over this sentence:

"The best thing to do is to kill all the feminists and hippies and liberals."

My first reaction was to write mean and nasty things, but I held my tongue and this is what I would like to tell you. I did notice and did not gloss over the sentence. I purposefully included it. It is strong language, although I have no authority nor the permission nor consent of the author to speak on their behalf I'm pretty sure they did not mean that statement to be taken literally and I certainly didn't. I'm not going to tip toe around it or remove it, but rather explain to you why I decided to keep it. I think murder is wrong and I think it is super silly that I even have to explain this, but such is the state of affairs in this world. I am not advocating killing anyone, but rather I fully and completely support the stamping out of these doctrines. However, as a full believer in and advocate of the Constitution and especially the right to free speech. I will not and do not seek to quiet those voices that speak contrary to those things created to bring peace and happiness to mankind (meaning both males and females). Rather I hope to speak more loudly and more convincingly of those things I know to be true. Feminists, hippies, and liberals have done much to damage this country that I love. In some cases, I feel it was a blatant affront on the values that make this country great in which case no amount of shouting will drown out that voice, only the voice of reason convincing others of the misguided ways of the feminists, hippies, and liberals will be able to silence those voices. Oh they will still speak, but with no one to listen, it will be as if they were silent. I think many of the people that buy into the feminist, hippie, liberal movements are good people. The supposed beliefs advocated by feminists, hippies, and liberals are all warm and fuzzy, but underneath when you listen to what is really being said and the implications they are anything but.

I fully believe in women's rights, I truly believe in the power of our divine feminist qualities given to us by a kind and loving Heavenly Father, but unfortunately that is not what the feminist movement advocates. Instead of focusing on what separates us from men, the feminist movement seeks to eliminate those qualities which are the essence of our womeness. The feminist movement has basically told women that they are inferior. Their "feminine" qualities are only good for making them into sex objects and if they hope to compete in the employment world they have to shed anything that would be disadvantageous as they compete with men. In essence they say as a woman you are not good enough, if you want to be successful you must look, act and think like a man. WRONG! God made us different for a reason. Is the way a woman completes a task different from the way a man would? In many cases, it is very different. But is it wrong? NO!!! Can you imagine what this world would be like if every woman stepped up to the plate and was what God would have them be, meaning that they would be women? What I think makes us so great as women is that we are not men. I love men and don't mean to berate them in any fashion (I'll have more to say about that later), but what makes me great are my inherent qualities of love, nurture, and intuition. I believe in the education of women. I believe women can make important contributions to the job force, to academia, to the world in general. However, I don't think those contributions should be at the expense of what makes us a unique gender. I believe a woman who prepares herself well for her chosen line of work has made a great contribution to the world. I also don't see anything wrong with a woman who forgoes a career to stay at home and raise her family. It can be said she has chosen the better part. However, not all women will marry and not all woman will have children. Therefor, it is vital that she prepare herself well so come what may she can make an important contribution. A woman who prepares herself to be a CEO will certainly be fit to run a household. Think of the decisions that must be made when running a business then think about the home. Budgets, schedules, personnel issues, space and time constraints the list could go on. I don't think that those virtuous qualities of womanhood should be extinguished because someone tells me that if I want to be successful I have to be a man. Another adverse affect of the feminist movement was that it extinguished masculinity as well. We don't need men because we can be men. We have told men not to value us for who we are but what we are (objectification). We have pushed them out of their divine roles. We have robbed them of the opportunity to be men, to be fathers rather opting for sperm donors and then like. Women need to start being women and men need to start being men.

Hippies. Sure love, sex, and rock n' roll might sound good, but is it? I believe we should love our fellowman, but that does not mean that in order to do so we have to accept behavior that wrong. I have always thought it was ironic that hippies bucked conformity by becoming conformist. There is no such thing as free sex. It comes with consequences whether recognized or not. The sexual revolution led to the objectification of women. There is nothing wrong with hard work and you don't need psychedelic drugs to get closer to God.

Liberals. I have many liberal friends and acquaintances. Deep down many of them see themselves as more human than us conservatives after all they are advocating for the little man. But are they really? In essence what the liberals crave is power, I'm not saying they are the only ones we all want a little power and power isn't bad but the means to the end is wherein the danger lies. The liberals create power by making you powerless. The liberals say "You are incompetent and incapable of caring for yourself and so we must do it for you". They then go about creating programs to perpetuate dependency. The welfare system, in general, has been by far the biggest failure. I worked for the welfare department. I know what it is like. I know that there are people who really need help. Unfortunately they are usually the ones who don't get it. How many times did I get phone calls from people telling me it was my fault that their children didn't have food to eat. Well it was certainly not my fault you were incapable of turning in your required paperwork by the deadline after numerous extensions were given and I had to deny your app because I had to take action on your file. Or it wasn't my fault if I told you I would stay late to process your application if you would bring me your paperwork that day and somehow you couldn't make it but the next morning you came in reeking of weed. So you had money to buy drugs but not food? Or how about the person who finally gets a job but says they are going to have to quit because they are making too much money to qualify for food stamps and they don't know how they are going to buy groceries without them, even if they make more money working then they do on welfare. The way I see it deep down liberals must really be selfish. Why do I say that, many times those qualities we most dislike are the very qualities we ourselves posses. The way I see it liberals believe the only way we will be charitable is if we are forced to do (taxes) so or provided incentives to do so (tax breaks). Truth be told I am very charitable as are many people in this world. I have no problems with sharing my worldly wealth, I just don't like to be forced into doing it especially when I am forced to support programs and agendas I don't believe in and I know won't work.

We need women to be women, we need to get men back in the home. The answer isn't hand outs but a hand up. Instead of telling people they can't show them how. Raise the standards and expectations the the people will rise with them.

So, no Admin I don't advocate the killing of feminist, hippies, and liberals but I do advocate the annihilation of their ideals which threaten peace and happiness. I am sorry I even had to justify the inclusion of that comment, but I do not regret it nor my reasons for so doing.

Yours Truly,



House of Joy said...

Well said Melissa.

I will always be grateful for women who have fought long and hard for our rights. Our right to vote, own land, pursue an education in any field we choose, to pursue careers and to be recognized as women with rights and not just as chattel.

However, modern feminism has taken an ugly turn. The admin wanted you to consider the statement about “killing feminist...” and yet what is the modern feminist agenda according to NOW ? Abortion on demand is the number one focus of many modern feminist. They want no restrictions on their right to kill the unborn.

You quoted an author who made a statement tongue in cheek. They never meant to literally “kill” anyone. Unfortunately, that can not be said for the feminist at NOW whose main rallying call is abortion on demand, “We oppose attempts to restrict these rights (abortion) through legislation, regulation or Constitutional amendment.” For NOW, that includes partial birth abortions for a viable fetus at nine months ( I think it is also interesting that modern day feminist put so much time and money in support of abortion on demand, a procedure where the majority of infants killed are female....

Melissa, you respect all life. You would never advocate the murder of anyone, yet unfortunately many modern day feminist demand the right to murder the most vulnerable of our society.

Love ya girl!

Jeff said...

Bravo! I thought that was very well said. Also, I thought I should point out that I enjoyed your previous blog and it was obvious to me you weren't advocating murder but merely the stamping out of false doctrines and ideals.

But thanks for clarifying your position for those who didn't think it was quite so obvious.