Friday, January 16, 2009

The Prankster

Darrell really enjoys getting reactions out of me. He knows exactly what buttons to push and will continue to push them until he gets the reaction he is seeking. For example, we'll be chillin on the couch watching TV and I'll get up to go to the restroom and I come back and see that Darrell is no longer sitting on the couch. Even though I know he is just around the corner and is going to pop out, say something or grab me, I still scream even though it is anticipated. Well the other night, he got me really good. I have a Nextel radio for work. It is either clipped to my pants or when I get off work I usually put it in my purse, that way when I'm making the mad dash out the door in the mornings I won't forget it. I was off work and out running around and so I decided to leave the radio at home. My phone doesn't get really good reception in some areas, so a missed call doesn't always show up but if you leave a message I'll get notification of a new voice mail. I went to check my phone and saw that I had a voice mail. It was a creepy message. At first I was convinced it was Darrell, but when I went to call the message leaver back it was my work phone. But remember my work phone is at my house. So whoever called had to be at my house or at least at my house at some point. I of course call Darrell, my boyfriend, protector, body get the idea. He's a big guy 6'2" 200 plus pounds and scruffy. I want him to meet me at my house to make sure no one is there waiting for me. So I explain to him what is going on . I thought for sure he would come charging over on his white horse to rescue his damsel in distress....I guess I watch too many movies because that is totally not what happened. Here is the paraphrased conversation. It was like a 3o min conversation on my drive home...

Me: Darrell, someone left me a creepy message on my phone from my work phone and my work phone is at my house. So whoever called is at my house. Will you come over and make sure its okay?
Darrell: I told you I couldn't come over tonight because I have things to do. You could have at least come up with something plausible if you were trying to trick me into coming over.
Me: I promise this isn't a trick. Someone left me a creepy message and the only way is if they were in my house.
Darrell: You are over-reacting. It's just a garbled message and your making a big deal out of nothing.
Me: I promise I'm not messing around. I am really scarred. Please come over. Once you see everything is okay, you can go back to whatever it was that you were doing.
Darrell: You are being ridiculous. You're a big girl. I can't believe you're acting like such a baby.
Me: I am not being ridiculous, someone left me a creepy message. Will you at least listen to the message so you can listen to what I'm talking about?
Darrell: I am not going to listen to some message. Everything is fine. Call me when you get home.
Me: I am not going into that house by myself! Darrell I really am freaked out. You're going to feel really bad if something happens to me...
Darrell: Nothing is going to happen to you....I've gotta go. Call me when you get home. Bye.

So not only am I scarred, now I'm mad because Darrell is acting like nothing is the matter and I'm a big baby, but he calls back.

Darrell: I know you're really freaked out, but I promise it's nothing. I'll stay on the phone with you while you go inside. If I leave now I won't be there in time.
Me: Darrell I'm not going into this house by myself.
Darrell: Just do it. I know you can.

Deep down I thought it was him. But he was so convincing and when I pulled in the driveway I didn't see his car. So then I really started to freak out. I walk down to my house, protesting the whole time. I get to my front door and I swing it wide open and I don't see or hear anything. I take two steps inside. My house is pitch black and I have to walk half way in to turn on the light. But there is no way I'm going to do that. So I decide to turn around and flip the outside light to at least begin to see. When I turn around I hear someone or something move. I SCREAM like a little girl. And then....Darrell starts laughing. The big punk is sitting on my couch. He had left something at my house and came by to pick it up and saw my phone and decided to scare me. I was trembling so bad that I had to sit down. He got me good...but now I need to get him back....

I don't think Darrell reads my blog, but just in case send your revenge ideas to me at I'll let you know what happens....


House of Joy said...

Thinking, thinking, thinking.....

No one, and I mean no one, messes with my daughter.....Hasn't he heard of the Vegas mob??????????

That was funny. Love ya babe

Jeff said...

That's a funny story. Remember that time you were in the laundry room and I scared you? Good times. If I come up with any good revenge plans I'll let you know.

The Muries said...

Yes he does need pay back. Holy cow I would have killed him. I am a boob when it comes to stuff like that, I don't think I would have gone in, I would have called another friend. You are braver then me.

House of Joy said...

Love ya babe. I forgot Mon is a holiday. I will mail the check Tue. Love ya