Thursday, January 29, 2009

Tender Mercies!

Just a little background information. For the last two weeks I have had this ache in my shoulder, like someone is stabbing me under my shoulder blade. Thursday of last week it was so bad that by time I got to work I could barely move my arm because of the pain. Motion doesn’t really affect it and I have no idea why it hurts. I called the doctor and met with the physician’s assistant. The $40 co-pay was money wasted. She gave me some prescription ibuprofen and a muscle relaxer, oh yeah and a shot of something in my butt. The shot was good enough to get me back to work. I took the muscle relaxers on two separate occasions the only affect they seemed to have were to knock me out and make me super groggy for like two hours after waking up. It also seemed that my shoulder hurt much worse than normal on the days I took it. The ibuprofen helps momentarily. I can only take one every eight hours and if it has any effect it wears off long before it’s time to take another. Fortunately the pain hasn’t returned like it did the day I went to the doctor. But basically what it means is that I have this dull ache that is just painful enough that I can’t ignore it and no idea why….although it’s probably related to my 50 lb book bag that I haul around. I’ve since lightened it up a bit. Last night at school I stayed afterwards to study. I’ve been doing well with catching up and seeing as though I don’t have class tonight, even though I am going to campus to study I feel a lot better about feeling caught up and on top of things, a huge stress relief. So last night I was working on my study outline and after about two plus hours of work I was ready to head home. My shoulder was super achy to the point that the pain was consuming my thoughts. I was ready to hit the hay. I saved my work to what I thought was the desktop, closed it and then went to email it to myself. Note, before closing the thought came to check the desktop before closing the file. I had followed that procedure the night before and it was fine and I was sure it was fine. Well the file I saved was not on the desktop. Panic ensued. I opened the previous file from my email and clicked on save as so I could see where it would have been saved. I found it in some temporary internet file I couldn’t find and/or access. Luckily for me, about five minutes previous, one of the guys I go to school with, Scott Fields, had come to the computer lab and Scott just happens to be a computer genius. However, when Scott couldn’t seem to find it, all hope was lost. The peace and comfort of almost getting caught up was lost, now I was going to be even further behind after staying late. But he did it! He was calm, cool and collected the whole time. He didn’t panic. I could have kissed him, but he’s married and I don’t think Darrell would take to kindly to me kissing other guys. It was a serious tender mercy. Even after I ignored the first prompting, Heavenly Father still helped me out. If Scott wouldn’t have been there I don’t know what I would have done.


House of Joy said...

Yay for tender mercies from the Lord. I am so happy for you. You are in our every prayer. We keep your name in the temple always and we fast for you often.

We will fast for you this Sunday about your pain. Have you had a blessing yet?

Love you lots and forever

House of Joy said...

PS Big Hug. Glad you are my daughter. You are amazing. All the hard work will be worth it.

Love you forever and ever

Jeff said...

That's awesome. The Lord does seem to always take care of us when we need Him the most.