Wednesday, April 22, 2009


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Completely random, but it made me laugh...

So it's finals time! whoopee....(insert extreme lack of enthusiasm here).

All semester it's been pretty miserable weather so I didn't mind so much that I was stuck inside. But now that finals are here the sun has decided to come out and since it's been away for so long it makes it really hard to stay inside because who knows how long the niceness will last. Long story short I decided to study outside. I found the perfect spot that got just the right amount of sun. It was under a tree, but no shade because no leaves. So I'm studying my heart out when I hear a very subtle plop...followed by a rather disturbing splat. I tear my eyes from my study outline and to my dismay a rather bright red bird (another thing I discovered about Georgia not all wild birds are brown some are even blue!) had pooped on my purse. My purse happened to be so positioned and the bird's aim so precise that one single poop got both the inside and the outside of my purse. Never ever having been pooped on by a bird, I was ill prepared for cleaning up bird poop. The best I could do was make a makeshift paper towel out of a blank sheet of notebook paper. Now here comes the punchline...are you ready??!! I'm gingerly wiping the bird poop trying to ensure what is on the outside doesn't go inside and what is inside doesn't go further inside, but inevitably a small piece of poop managed to get away and rolled further inside my bag. In frustration I uttered, "You piece of crap!" and then I immediately began laughing. Why? Because it was literally a piece of crap! HahahahHahahaAhahahahahahHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!


Jeff said...

This story made me happy. I have never been pooped on by a bird, but I'm glad that you had that experience so that you could share.

The Muries said...

That totally cracks me up. I was laughing out loud while reading it. Thanks for the smile.