Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I want what I want!

So as on many occasions I find myself desiring something that apparently no one makes. In my mind, I can't possibly be the only person in the entire world that wants it and I'm pretty sure I've seen it before. Speaking of scriptures, I have only owned one quad in my entire life. I wanted it because everyone else wanted it. But as I became more versed in my scripture study, I began to loathe the convinience of the quad. I hated having to hold my place in the Book of Mormon to look something up in the Bible. Since then I have always kept the Triple and Bible separate. Yet, then the "compact" quad came out. Small convient size, I wanted it, but they didn't have the Triple and the Bible separate. So I just dealt. Then I saw the compact Triple and Bible, so I knew they existed but I could never find them. Then one day while at the Atlanta Temple I found them at the Distribution Center. They had the thumb index (which I don't like, but that's a whole different conversation) and even though pricy (like $80 for the set) I got them. Now I want individual zipping covers for them. I'm pretty sure I've seen them. EVERYONE make cases, but I don't wanna case, I want a cover and I want it to zip all the way around. I want a cover for my triple and a separate cover for my bible. I keep them in my backpack or in my purse and right now I'm using rubber bands to kept them from getting torn up, but the pages are getting dog-earred. So if anyone knows what I want and where I can find them....let me know!


Jeff said...

I don't know where to acquire those but next time I'm at the church distribution center I'll look around for you. Good luck on your search.

Josie said...

not a clue. you could always sew some?