Saturday, June 13, 2009

Drum Roll Please....

for some reason i feel to forgo some of the conventions of writing. this is just going to be a stream of randomness. i am just going to type whatever is in my mind. i think i have officially reached burn out. i am tired. i cannot focus. i have no desire to do anything. i just want to sit and stare at the wall. i could lay in bed and never get out and just be fine with that. it doesnt help that the sun is not shining. i cry a lot and for no reason. my mood changes second to second. i just want to run and not stop. i was doing fine, that was until i got the grades for my first year of law school. any thought that i would be somewhat successful was dashed after the first semester. i dont like the way law school works. they beat you down. there has to be a better way to sift through the crop. or maybe its just a reality check. i'm tired of being average and mediocre. oh well. my grades werent really that bad. but not that great. the hard thing is that i guess ive never really had to study. i have a pretty good memory. i read it and go to class and after a simple review i can recall it. unfortuneately law school isnt like that. you have to know it and then apply it in the way the professor thinks it should be applied. not only do you have to learn the law, but what your professor feels the law is and respond accordingly. but anyway here they are:

reading, writing, and advocacy - 79

legal bibliography - pass

contracts I and II - 77

property I and II - 76

criminal law - 79

the sad thing is you would think that i would be motivated to be better, but it has just the opposite affect. after all the work this is what i get why try? sorry this is so depressing and what not. i promise to post something more upbeat...


Josie said...

Ok,totally cracking up at you right now...

Those are NOT BAD!

Mine would be like...

reading, writing, and advocacy - (19)

legal bibliography - Can you get worse than FAIL?

contracts I and II - (11)

property I and II - (-16)

criminal law - You mean it's illegal to TP someone?

Seriously--congratufreakinlations for gettin through the first year! Treat yourself to some toast with some extra butter and a trip so see me and Bart in Arkansas!

Now write me a big fat email. NOW!

Miss you bunches, and then some more.

Jeff said...

Congratulations on finishing your first year. If you decide to quit and move to Utah we can totally hang out. :)

House of Joy said...

We are so proud of you babe! You can do this! You did awesome. Not very many people can work full time at a demanding job and go to law school. It will be worth it.

You have a special mission in life.
This is God's plan for you.

Hang in there. You are in our every prayer.
Love ya forever and ever